Commands determined by everyday practice and computer based programmes are combined in the STEIN RAKO control systems to form a facility which considerably simplifies the everyday use of the STEIN smoking and cooking units.

They fulfil all the requirements necessary for an economical modern production.

Thus, convenient operation, well laid out displays and clear symbols not only simplify the input of data but also minimise inputting errors. Complicated production sequences can be entered into freely assigned memory locations. The moisture levels are precisely calculated and constantly adjusted by the control system throughout every operating process.

The contol units are waterproof and capable of withstanding extreme conditions of use and are exceptionally longlasting.

Depending on the RAKO model selected, controls may be integrated directly into the front panel or mounted in a separate switch cabinet. Either way, interference-free operation is assured. Thanks to a water resistant membrane and watertight frame, our control systems comply with the degree of protection specified in IP 65. However, water should not be sprayed directly onto control modules. Comprehensive, easily understood operating instructions (to CE standard) make child’s play of their use and programming. We train your personnel on your premises, and our engineers are at your disposal round the clock.

Programme display - in industrial plants several chambers can be monitored and recorded in parallel.

Designed and developed specifically for STEIN smoking and cooking units, ultra-modern control systems ensure reliable, safe, economical production. Two types are available, i.e. MC 8 and MC 30, the choice of which is determined by the intended use. The MC 8 is the basic model for all smoking and cooking units. The MC 30 comes with a monitor which offers more options yet is easy to use.

MC8 MC30

MC 8
Basic version featuring 99 programmes, numerous programme steps, optimized cooking. Waterproof mounting in front panel.

MC 30
Latest generation of microprocessors with monitor simplifies the use to the utmost. Actual chamber and product core temperatures, relative moisture levels and times are presented in the form of clear, well lit digital displays. 99 programmes, numerous programme staps; interface as a standard.