With the UNISMOKE process, STEIN offers the perfect method of smoke generation, permitting the production of outstanding, perfectly flavoured smoked products. Four types are available, i.e. sawdust, wood chip, liquid based and friction-type smoke generators. All types of smoke generators can either be set up separately, or be mounted in the door.

The UNISMOKE method employed by STEIN in all its smoke generators is based on the principle of heating a combustible material such as sawdust, wood chips or sawn wooden blocks to produce temperature- and humidity-controlled smoke.

The space saving RHT and RRT generators occupy a depth of only 14 cm and are mounted in the door itself. Despite their compactness, they produce as much smoke as large industrial smoke generators. Wood chip, friction-type and liquid based versions can be supplied.

The universal RS2 and RS3 models are individual sawdust smoke generators which are used, in particular, for the generation of hot and cold smoke and, in combination with a STEIN RAKO smoking and cooking unit also for smoking with steam smoke.

The alternative RRS 500, an individual friction-type smoke generator, is a genuine alternative to its well known carbonisation-type counterparts. The smoke is almost entirely free of tar, the benzpyrene content exceptionally low and the imparted flavour outstanding.

All STEIN smoke generators produce dense smoke and are easy to use. The appropriate smoke generator is supplied according to the desired flavouring and to the specified unit. STEIN smoke systems guarantee perfect coloration, short smoking times and low operating costs. Units fitted with liquid based and friction-type generators can be operated without smoke treatment. Thanks to efficient acoustic insulation, the friction wheel (registered design) is very quiet. With the addition of a catalyser, emissions from sawdust and wood chip smoke generators fall within the limits specified by VDI 2595.

The total volume of carbon emissions is less than 50 mg per m³. Suitable catalysers are available for layouts producing higher volumes. All STEIN RAKO units can be retrofitted with catalytic afterburning.

RS2 smoke generator with MC 8 control system - a fully automatic sawdust-burning generator affording safe, reliable operation. Small in size, big on performance. Depending on whether hot or cold smoke is required, the sawdust is fed in metered quantities into the carbonisation chamber and the smouldering process controlled by a microprocessor. Recommended for RAKO models 1300-2000. The larger RS3 version should be used with RAKO 3001-3002 models.

RRS smoke generator – a stand-alone friction-type generator of the highest class. Compact, low noise, it produces dense smoke yet consumes little wood.

RRT friction-type smoke generator. Smoke is generated at low temperatures without any glowing process. A block of wood is pressed pneumatically against a friction wheel at regular intervals. This generates dense, clean smoke which gives the products an attractive colour and a particularly fine flavour.

RHT wood chip smoke generator. Wood chips placed in the hopper are heated by a heating element until they glow. An infinitely adjustable fan supplies the necessary fresh air to the combustion chamber, permitting the volume and temperature of the smoke to be controlled in accordance with the desired process. A duct in the door leads the smoke to the circulation system at the top.

Measured emissions from a STEIN hot smoking unit with thermo-catalytic afterburning (TÜV South West, 1992).